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2 February


2 February

A Swarm of Nano Quadrotors – YouTube

A Swarm of Nano Quadrotors – YouTube.

10 April

Indoor flight navigation

The Robust Robotics Group of the MIT develops unmanned vehicles that can fly without GPS , so that can autonomously navigate through unmapped indoor environments using a laser scanner and smart AI-algorithms.

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17 February


The SensorFly is a novel low-cost controlled-mobile aerial sensor networking platform. A flock of these 29g autonomous helicopter nodes with communication, ranging and collaborative path determination capabilities, can be extremely useful in sensing survivors after disasters or adversaries in urban combat scenarios.

10 February

Hexapod with 3D-balace gestures

a Hexapod robot designed at the Robotics and Neural Systems Laboratory (RNSL) at the University of Arizona.

The hexapod is using Robotis AX-12, RX-10, and RX-28 servo motors. The controller is a Fit-PC2 with Intel Atom Z530 Processor computer running Ubuntu 9.04, with a custom PIC18F4550 based USB board to pipe motor control protocol.

This is a demonstration of the new leg design which is much more solid than the previous design. Also, new 3D balance gestures have been included based on a spring model. Balance gestures are shown both turned on and off for comparison.

9 February

AdMoVeo featured in Tom’s Guide

Tom’s Hardware Guide published an article by Paul Escallier, in which the AdMoVeo is featured as one of the “30 Inventions From Regular Guys”. We are happy to see that AdMoVeo is getting more attention, although we are listed as “regular guys” :)

Read the part about AdMoveo or you may want to have a look at all these inventions.