The Beagle Board is an incredibly powerful single-board computer developed by Texas Instruments, featuring their OMAP3530 system on a chip. The board is supported by a large community and is designed with open-source development in mind.

The Beagle Board measures about 3×3″ and has all the functionality of a basic computer. With its numerous expansion options, the Beagle Board can be used as the backbone for a large variety of projects. The OMAP3530 includes an HD-video capable TMS320C64x+ DSP for accelerated video and audio decoding, and an OpenGL ES 2.0 capable 2D/3D GPU. Video outputs can be provided by the on-board S-video or DVI-D (HDMI connector) outputs.

The board also includes an MMC+/SD/SDIO interface, USB 2.0, 3.5mm stereo audio in/out connectors, and RS-232 and JTAG connectors.The board can consume up to 2W of power, which can be provided via USB or an external 5V source, via the on-board barrel jack. Because of the efficient power consumption, the board requires no additional cooling.

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