classes & books

Free Online classes:

there are more free online classes available at UDACITY , COURSERA , iTunes U , and MITxedX

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (Sebastian Thrun & Peter Norvig)

Programming a Robotic Car (Sebastian Thrun)

Computer Vision (Jitendra Malik)

Learning from DataMachine Learning course (Yaser S. Abu-Mostafa)



Free Books:

Computer Vision: Models, Learning, and Inference -Simon J.D. Prince


Computer Vision: Algorithms and Applications – Richard Szeliski


Programming Computer Vision with Python – Jan Erik Solem


Introduction to Computing
Explorations in Language, Logic, and Machines byDavid Evans


Multiagent Systems
Algorithmic, Game-Theoretic, and Logical Foundations
by Yoav Shoham, and Kevin Leyton-Brown


Handbook of Applied Cryptography
Alfred Menezes (Editor), Paul van Oorschot (Editor), Scott Vanstone (Editor)

More free books @:

online programming books

intech open


Regular BOOKS:

Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach
(Third edition) by Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig


Probabilistic Robotics
Sebastian Thrun, Wolfram Burgard and Dieter Fox


Introduction to Autonomous Mobile Robots , Second Edition

Roland Siegwart, Illah R. Nourbakhsh and Davide Scaramuzza